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Fantasy Cricket has grown in another level in the last few years. But Still, not everybody knows what fantasy cricket is?

Now let us Consider in IPL matches 2020, A game between Chennai Super Kings Vs Mumbai Indians. Now fans Have to make their personal imaginary team picking from the actual players playing on that IPL-T20 Match. Fans around the world will invest money by joining leagues on different online fantasy sites and fantasy apps. On Behalf of the imaginary team they made, different online fantasy sites and fantasy apps ( Dream 11 ). They have their unique criteria of giving points to players based on their real match performance.

Now the Fan with whose team will have the most number of points wins the league and gets the Jackpot Cash Prize.

So this concept of fantasy Cricket has been where fans also get the chance to participate virtually in a match is liked by a lot of people. Which makes the IPLT20 cricketing as one of the fantasy sports.

Companies have used the opportunity of business through in-app promotions and have been giving interesting offers to attract more and more users to their fantasy sites and fantasy apps.

Started with Cricket, The Fantasy Sports industry have increased its reach to other sports as well; which includes Football, NBA & Hockey. Leading Fantasy Cricket App in India, Dream11 Claims To Have more than 30 Million Users in their app solely from India.

Is Fantasy Cricket Legal in India?

India is considered among those countries where betting & gambling is not considered as legal. But Unlike most online casinos and betting, fantasy sports are considered as the game of skill, since it is based on the real-time performance of those players who are playing in the game.

Thus there have been no legal issues with Fantasy games in India.

Fantasy Cricket in IPL T20

According to the cricket experts, Fantasy Sports have a very bright future ahead looking at the interest of people. It has been proved for now as the currently ongoing Cricket IPLT20-2020 Series. Title Sponsor is one of the leading Fantasy Sports app Dream11 IPL.

This game of skill has been a thrill in youngsters. A news report claims that in India, for every week a new fantasy app is being launched. This shows how badly entrepreneurs want to set up their business in this field of Fantasy Sports Industry.

Moreover with growing Fantasy Cricket industry other cricket related Blogs & Websites Like Cricbuzz have also got a huge boost in their traffic.

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    October 12, 2020 at 5:13 am

    Fantasy games are well developed and are more popular nowadays. The blog is getting a huge reception now.

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    November 5, 2020 at 10:34 am

    I hope fantasy games are banned in many provinces of India. The post is quite interesting.


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