How To Play Stud Poker – Rules

Stud Poker is a simplified version of Poker. During a game of Stud Poker, you receive a single deal of 5 cards. What differentiates Stud Poker from regular poker is that you won’t have the opportunity to change cards you don’t like. Indeed, you will have to play the poker game with the first 5 cards that you will have received.

Course of the game:

The game starts once your wager has been placed. The croupier will deal you and himself 5 cards, but he will only reveal the first of his 5 cards. At this point in the game, you will know your hand and the dealer’s face up card. You can either fold (Fold) and lose your initial bet, or re-raise (Play) the game by adding twice to your initial bet on the stack.
In the event that you decide to continue the game, the dealer’s hand will then be revealed to you.
For the croupier to be qualified, the latter must have at least one game consisting of an Ace and a King (Ace / King).

The gains:

If the dealer fails to qualify, you take back your original bet, plus once, and you also take back the extra bet you added to stay in the game, but you don’t win anything on it.
If the croupier qualifies with a hand consisting of at least an Ace and a King and that hand is higher than yours, then you lose all your bets.
If the croupier qualifies and your hand is greater than that of the croupier, you receive the sum of your initial bet as well as a bonus calculated according to your hand and defined according to the table below:

Stud Poker
Gains initial stake
All hands1 against 1
Stud Poker Payout Table
Royal flush100 to 1
Straight Flush50 to 1
Square20 to 1
Full10 to 1
Color8 against 1
After5 against 1
Three of a kind3 against 1
Two pairs2 against 1
Pair1 against 1
Ranking of winning hands:

Straight Flush
The strongest hand. The five cards must be of the same family AND must follow each other AND the suit must start with a ten and end with an Ace.
Example: A (Hearts), K (Hearts), Q (Hearts), J (Hearts), 10 (Heart)
The five cards follow each other and are from the same family.
Example: 10 (Diamond), 9 (Diamond), 8 (Diamond), 7 (Diamond), 6 (Diamond)

Four cards with the same value.
Example: 5 (Clubs), 5 (Hearts), 5 (Spades), 5 (Diamonds)

Full (house)
Three cards of the same value and a pair (ie a three of a kind and a pair).
Example: K (Clubs), K (Diamonds), K (Hearts), 4 (Spades), 4 (Clubs)

Five cards from the same family.
Example: K (Diamonds), 2 (Diamonds), 6 (Diamonds), 9 (Diamonds), 3 (Diamonds), J (Diamonds)

Five consecutive cards.
Example: 5 (Clubs), 4 (Diamonds), 3 (Hearts), 2 (Spades), Ace (Clubs)

Three of a kind
Three cards of the same rank.
Example: 9 (Clubs), 9 (Diamonds), 9 (Hearts), Ace (Spades), 8 (Clubs)

Two pairs
Two groups of two cards with the same value.
Example: 4 (Clubs), 4 (Diamonds), J (Hearts), J (Diamonds), Ace (Clubs)

A pair
Two cards of the same rank.
Example: 8 (Clubs), 4 (Diamonds), J (Hearts), J (Spades), Ace (Clubs).

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