The Progressive Jackpot


The progressive jackpot is the prize pool of games such as the slot machine, the value of which increases every time a game is played. Typically the different slot machines or other virtual machines of an online casino are all linked to a single progressive jackpot, which then increases every time any player plays any of these machines. To win the progressive jackpot you need to get the highest value combination, and once you win the jackpot is reset to zero. Progressive jackpot machines generally attract players much more as they see their possible prize pool grow before their eyes.

The Progressive Jakpot:

The progressive jackpot is usually shown on a display as a monetary value. At all times you can see the jackpot increase, which is influenced by many people playing in different machines. This is why online casinos also make a lot of money with progressive jackpot machines, which attract all players, motivated by an ever-growing prize pool. The casino chooses how much the jackpot can increase from time to time. This value generally also depends on the house edge. The higher this value, the greater the amount that is added to the progressive jackpot from time to time.

The progressive jackpot qualification:

Generally, the maximum number of credits for that game must be wagered to qualify for the progressive jackpot. A game that requires more credits to qualify will typically increase the progressive jackpot to higher levels, depending on what is called a break even point. This is calculated by considering the payout frequency against the odds of winning. In slot machines it is difficult to predict the break even point, because generally the payback percentage is not disclosed.

Conversely, in games like video poker it is possible to calculate the break-even point, and when the jackpot reaches this point the odds of winning are much greater. The progressive jackpot slot machines therefore offer the possibility of winning much larger amounts, even if the credits required to play are higher than a traditional slot machine. Each site sets the minimum number of credits required to play, so this is also an element to consider when choosing the online casino site that best suits your needs.

The types of progressive jackpot slot machines:

Not all progressive jackpot slot machines are created equal. There are three types of progressive slot machines:

  • Autonomous (stand alone): they are not connected to other machines, and the jackpot takes a certain percentage of the amount staked in each game and increases from game to game according to this percentage. The progressive jackpot for these machines is lower, but the odds of winning it are higher.
  • The house slots (in house): here the progressive machines of the same casino are linked together, and the jackpot increases every time someone plays in any of these machines.The jackpot is higher than the autonomous ones, and the odds winnings decrease but are much greater than the machines of the third category.
  • Wide area machines: here the slots that increase the jackpot come from different casinos. The maximum achievable jackpot can be huge, but the odds of winning it are very low. In conclusion, playing progressive machines is just a matter of choice. The risk is greater, but if you win, you will get very large numbers!

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    The jackpot is usually provided good payouts, especially in the casino. The progressive casino is more stimulating. Eager to play the game for real.

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